For several years I have tossed around the idea of writing a blog but talked myself out of it time and time again. I have no time to blog. Who would care about what I had to say anyway? What if I’m not funny or witty? What makes me think my words are relevant or good enough to put out there for other people to learn from? Bottom line is, I was scared. I was scared to count, to matter, to effect ch2531cc64b2ea017f94e6c2998b93d4f6ange, to affect people’s lives. The past two years have seen major upheaval in my life: divorce, single parenting, riding the coattails of a nervous break down at times, great sadness and loss, great joy, great love, discovering myself, growing, marriage, and a sense of hope that I have never felt before. All of these experiences got me thinking that maybe I DO have something to say that would make the lives of others better in some small way.

This blog will be an eclectic mix of all sorts of topics. I have very diverse interests and love to learn about new things. My family and I are learning about homesteading and re-purposing all sorts of items. We are trying to eat healthier, get more exercise, learn about personal growth, get organized, and since we are a blended family, we’re learning to get along despite many challenges that have arisen. So these will all be topics I plan to write about and learn about with my readers.

One thing you will not see me do is pretend that my life is perfect. That I am the perfect Wife. The perfect Mother. The perfect Daughter. The perfect ANYTHING. This blog is intended for everyone, but I think that women, as a whole, tend to be WAY too hard on ourselves and compare ourselves to Susie Homemaker down the street. I believe this puts an extreme burden on us in a world where we are already overwhelmed with responsibilities and expectations. I have a news flash for all of you: REAL LIFE IS MESSY! I have been on the competition wheel and I realized that I just don’t fit.  I have learned that is okay and I am not less of a woman for admitting so!

So welcome aboard! It’s going to be an exciting voyage!

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